Our Story

We are a team of entrepreneurs, designer and developers who have come together for a single mission: to provide doctors and patients with the resources they need to navigate the complexities of the modern healthcare landscape.


We believe the relationship between a doctor and a patient is the most crucial and important part of the healthcare experience.

And so we began with a clear set of principles and values our entire team could get behind, things we see missing from the current medical experience.


Simple, intuitive PROCESSES


Kindness, care, and flexibilitY


MAGIC & Moments of delight

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From those values, and over two years of research and collaboration, Merlin was born.

Merlin, is conversational, easy to use, and dynamic. He helps guide users throughout the process. For now, he will allow patients to manage their health info and put doctors in touch with their patients remotely, but soon he will be able to execute a whole range of smart functions.

Doctors and patients deserve a partner, and that's what we've created. 

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The platform is in its early stages, but we've set our sights high. We are currently in Beta, testing with a select group of partner clinics and their patients.

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